Now they’re just rubbing it in…

Last night the crew and I went to see Wall-E, Pixar’s latest piece of brilliance.  The worst thing I can say about this movie is that, disgracefully, some people haven’t seen it yet.  The fact that it opened last night is no excuse.

(Actually, the worst thing I can say about it is that somebody has gotten live action mixed into my Pixar movie.  I feel this is a very serious crime.  Paradoxically, however, Wall-E is just too good for me to care.)

Regardless, Pixar does have a habit of pulling off things that no sane animator will attempt.  Toy Story did a fully 3D movie when half of the public wasn’t even aware of what 3D was.  Finding Nemo did seventeen bajillion water shots when most animation houses considered any liquids at all a holy grail.  Ratatouille somehow makes a movie about a rat in a kitchen that is not only heartwarming, but will also make you hungry.  And every time, the bulk of the world’s animators are left marveling at how Pixar pulled it off.  I mean, seriously, how do they do it!?  And why can’t they take a break before the rest of the animation world gets a complex!

With Wall-E, however, they’ve done it worse than ever before.  I can accept that it’s a movie about robots with character.  I can even accept that its a movie with ridiculously little dialogue about robots with character.  I’ll even grant you the fact that you’ll care more about these robots that barely talk than the people.

But then they throw in the love story.  And it’s so brilliantly done that you find yourself near tears because of the love that the near mute robots are sharing. And when you leave, people are remarking that the sci-fi cartoon about post-apocalyptic earth is the best romance movie they’ve seen all year.

Thanks, Pixar.  You just had to rub it in.

From now on, whenever I’m feeling insecure, I’m going to invoice Andrew Stanton and John Lassater directly for my therapy.

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