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Shame: it’s my anti-drug.

When you fall down, some adage probably says, there is nothing to do but get back up again. Should you drop the ball, it’s time to pull up one’s bootstraps, turn one’s chin up, buck up, get some moxie, put … Continue reading

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Thanks but no thanks, Facebook.

As technology continues to advance along the crazy logarithmic curve of history, it’s beginning to act more and more human.  For example, Wii Fit gave me a hard time about my recent workout schedule in front of a group of … Continue reading

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Birdzilla: The True Story

Take note, Hollywood movie producers. Yesterday, in an action packed journey that would shock and amaze summer moviegoers, we may have saved a life. And the fact that it was a bird’s life only makes it slightly less riveting. I’m … Continue reading

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Not for the Kids

Please note that if you are under 18, generally prefer happy things, or are my mother, you should not click any of the links in this post. Actually, you should probably stop reading right now. Yes, you, Mom. NIN is … Continue reading

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Conversations with Blizzard

Blizzard’s disturbing tendency to get gamers hopes up what seems like decades in advance of a game’s release has really taken an unfortunate turn towards becoming a habit in recent months. Blizzard: Have you heard about Starcraft 2? Me: I’ll … Continue reading

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