Not for the Kids

Please note that if you are under 18, generally prefer happy things, or are my mother, you should not click any of the links in this post. Actually, you should probably stop reading right now. Yes, you, Mom.

NIN is not “my thing.” They’re talented, yes. They’re produced some cool songs, certainly. I even have one piece of theirs in my playlist. But generally, I’m more into happy, fun music and videos, rather than industrial groanings that mourn the barbed wire wrapped around the hideous void that is Trent Reznor’s soul.

Even if the Nails are not my cup of despair-laced black tea, I did want to mention that they’re having a user-generated video contest, and that my buddy Matt Ducharme has entered it.

Matt is my co-director and/or the lead animator on some of my favorite projects, including Endurance Challenge: Mordred’s Isle. His amazing work and gentle guidance have been a huge influence on my animation, and his positive outlook and great sense of humor make him a joy to work with. He’s always got a kind word of encouragement or a funny remark to cheer you up, and he starts every day with a smile.

All of this, of course, makes it all the more odd and disturbing that his entry into the NIN contest is about people succumbing to the murderous demons that plague their innermost beings.

Now me, I like the happy stuff. But if you enjoy the darker, more adult side of entertainment, you shoud follow the link above and rate his great work.  I think Matt’s done a bang-up job with his animation. Plus, I know he’s wanted to animate this style of character design for years, so it’s great to see his ideas in action.

And, coincidentally, in my nightmares.

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