My Preciousss…

Well, the summer is finally over. The end of this season marks the arrival of two big projects I’ve had in the works since late last year.

First up, and more exciting for me, was the birth of my daughter in early August. Grace stole my heart and killed my sleep schedule in one fell swoop. She also struck a dire blow against my sketch of the week initiative, but not a fatal one! The SOTW will return!


Also on the docket, and more exciting for people who don’t realize how cute my daughter is, was the recent launch of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey presents Treasures of Middle-earth Design Contest. Designing a site for one of my favorite stories of all time just about took me to Nerdvana. I created a promotional video for Warner Bros. as well:

Check out the contest site and the sample artwork I drew for it at

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