Sketch of the Week #1: Jim Gaffigan

In an effort to get more practice drawing, get my work ‘out there’ more (wherever there is), and actually update this blog more than semi-annually, I’m announcing my sketch of the week program. It involves me sketching. Weekly.

And more importantly, posting it. Even if I’m not 100% happy. Even if I only had 15 minutes to scribble something that looks vaguely like a dog. I’m sharing whatever I make with the world, so that I can work better, faster, and with the thick, rhino-like hide that’s vital to working as an illustrator / graphic designer.

Take this week’s, for example. I drew Jim Gaffigan in 1.5 hours. I’m not really happy with it. But I’m posting it, and whats more, I’m going to tweet it AT Jim Gaffigan. I welcome the world’s critique! Bring it on!


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Responsive Design

Last week I wrote a blog post for Piehead about responsive design, done responsibly.  Want an example of some basic responsive design?  You’re reading one right now!

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New Site

I’ve got a lot going on right now.

My wife is expecting.  I’m in post-production on a short.  We’re getting the house ready to sell.  I’m working on an amazing, high-profile project at work (details definitely to follow in coming months.)

And yet, for some inconceivable reason, I decided to update my website in the middle of the maelstrom.  I suppose it’s better that I got it out of the way now – my impending Fatherhood promises to put a serious damper on my productivity later this year.

Regardless, I think the update has been worth it, and I hope you’ll agree.  I’ve made a number of solid changes – the site is responsive, and displays well on my iPhone.  The resume is formatted to print well, and means I won’t be digging around in Word every time I need to update it.  The site design is more minimalist, and less boxed in.

And most importantly, my cartoon avatar has a beard now.

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State Of the Web: Flash vs HTML5

Flash or HTML5 are at the center of a major debate.  Long-standing Flash, the prominent rich media format for years, has been second-guessed in favor of HTML5, a series of standards that may be most ideal for iOS, Android, and mobile as a whole.  At Piehead, we compared the two approaches, and I’ve compiled an infographic outlining the pros and cons of each.  You can see my infographic and the response to it over at Piehead’s blog.

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Happy Halloween From Piehead!

Happy Halloween!

Some of the folks at Piehead and I have put together a very silly, very campy, very fun Halloween video.  Hope you enjoy it!

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